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August 2019, "BRIGHT SHADOW" single exhibition, Periscope Design Gallery, Tel Aviv.

"Bright Shadows" Bikaku Studio | Periscope gallery | Curator: Sari Paran

“Wabi-sabi”, “The Way of Tea” and the beauty of the flawed
Arie Kutz, architect

The arrival of Zen Buddhism to Japan in the 12th century profoundly influenced Japanese aesthetics for centuries. It peaked with the aesthetic revolution at the end of the 16th century, led by a group of intellectuals from Kyoto in a format they referred to as the “The Way of Tea”. This group promoted into the cultural scene of seemingly “flawed” products while admiring the imperfect, the twisted, the rustic, the discovery of the neglected – often for the sake of a new role – all in an aesthetic appearance they established to be known as “Wabi-sabi”....

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