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The meaning of the word BIKAKU in Japanese is – a sense of beauty.

A flash of precise substance; intensity and sharpness which nevertheless project serenity.

The sensation that arises when beholding beauty which produces tension between the earthly and the divine.

BIKAKU is a studio for handmade furniture. 

It is both a sense of beauty and a desire for aesthetics that motivate the designs of the studio.

In our opinion, the furniture is not merely practical, but also generates presence and tension in the space.

The language which guides us is minimalist, clean and lifeful. Nevertheless, powerful in material and structure.

The studio offers a selection of designs displayed here on the website, which are available for order in different sizes.

We also work based on personal orders for space design and custom made furniture. 

Through dialogue with the customer, and consideration of the specific space, we can create accurate furniture that holds emotion.

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We are Tal and Sia 

The studio is a workshop and a way of life for us. 

It is a place in which our ideas and thoughts that we have collected through our wandering in the world, especially Asia and Japan flow to.


It is where our studies of art and craftsmanship,

as well as meeting with inspiring artists - come together.



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TEL. (+972) 0544694919

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